Bill Gates-Backed Startup Is Building Net-Zero Housing In Factories — Other Startups Are Cashing In On This Growing Space

The housing industry is undergoing major changes, with startups like Vantem — backed by the Bill Gates-founded firm Breakthrough Energy Ventures — focused on manufacturing affordable, high-efficiency, net-zero homes in a factory setting.

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By Chris Bibey

Net-zero homes are ideal, as they’re designed to produce as much energy as they use. While this makes homeownership cheaper, there’s a problem: It often leads to higher construction costs.

Vantem is changing all of this. Its modules consist of insulated structural panels crafted from heat-resistant materials, offering protection against fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. This technology streamlines construction, cuts costs, accelerates delivery and is versatile for various climates and regions. 

Park Street Homes Is Taking A Different Approach

While Park Street Homes isn’t following the same path as Vantem, the companies have one thing in common: making home ownership more affordable across the board.

Based in Houston, Texas, Park Street Homes specializes in crafting stylish, budget-friendly starter homes. It generated nearly $4 million in 2022, proving that there’s a market for its concept.

A few other reasons why Park Street Homes has the potential to change the housing market in urban areas throughout the Lone Star State include:

  • Park Street Homes offers quality, affordable housing options in major U.S. urban centers, catering to those who typically find affordability challenging.
  • It is a prominent homebuilder with an emphasis on the Texas market, targeting booming cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, which had a combined market value of $4.3 billion as of February.
  • With accolades such as the 2021 Greater Houston Black Chamber (GHBC) Pinnacle Award and the 2021 Comcast Rise Award, it has an outstanding team, 20 unique home designs and eight active development projects.

Park Street Homes is raising funds through the crowdfunding platform StartEngine.

Jurny Is Changing The Real Estate Industry With AI Technology

Jurny is another startup that’s taking on the real estate establishment with fresh new ideas. The company stands out as a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced property management platform optimizing the entire spectrum of short-term rental processes. 

With financial backing from prominent venture capital firms such as Mucker Capital and Okapi Venture Capital, among others, it’s secured over $13 million to date. The funding positions Jurny to innovate and reshape the expanding vacation rental market.

Through Wefunder, Jurny has raised more than $2.58 million of its $3.5 million goal. As noted on its Wefunder page, the company is “raising money to accelerate our growth and continue with our product development. As our technology evolves, we are able to continuously reduce our operational costs, allowing us to increase our profit margin and offer a better product.”

For years, the real estate industry was slow to develop. This has all changed with companies like Vantem, Park Street Homes and Jurny leading the charge.

Originally published on September 28, 2023

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