Consensus in Conversation – Chris Anderson: Vantem Global [Podcast]

Chris brings a unique perspective, passion, and expertise on sustainable construction, entrepreneurship, and creating true impact to mitigate climate change.

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By Conor Gaughan

Chris Anderson, CEO of Vantem Global, is on a mission to build sustainable, affordable energy efficient homes at scale. Vantem’s 3 million square feet of prefabricated dwelling units reduce construction costs, delivery times, and energy use. Before Vantem, Chris was the founder and CEO of Simex, a sustainably harvested timber company. If there’s anyone that knows the ins and outs of sustainable construction, it’s this guy. 

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Consensus in Conversation is a new podcast hosted by Conor Gaughan where we talk to innovators and entrepreneurs who have built great businesses and careers that do well while doing good. A rich life is so much more than a unicorn start-up going public.

The true unicorns are those living fulfilling lives doing what they love AND making it to their kid’s games. This podcast is an opportunity to talk to inspiring leaders, job creators, innovators, and problem solvers – people across the country who are making the world a better place and more sustainable place, while successfully making good money.

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Originally published on May 11, 2022

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