Vantem Acquires Affinity Building Systems, Expands U.S. Footprint

Today, Vantem, a next-gen modular technology company, announced the acquisition of Lakeland, GA-based Affinity Building Systems, a leading modular home manufacturer serving the Southeast. The acquisition is part of Vantem’s nationwide growth strategy to establish 20 plants in the U.S. through both new facilities and the acquisition of highly qualified modular factories.

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Greensboro, NC – May 02, 2023

Affinity joins Vantem as a well-respected, successful builder of high-quality, customizable modular homes. Once implemented, Vantem’s technology will allow Affinity to expand its portfolio with well-priced, higher energy-efficiency homes that are more hurricane and climate resistant. Vantem homes have withstood Category 5 hurricanes and are mold-resistant, termite-resistant, and fire-retardant. These homes are well-suited for homebuyers in the Southeast who’ve experienced the destruction caused by hurricanes and are looking for resilient new homes or rebuild options.

“Together with Vantem, we are leading the next wave of modular innovation in the Southeast and beyond.”

Homes built with Vantem’s technology are highly energy efficient – up to 70% more efficient than traditional construction with no cost premium. Affinity will soon offer Net-Zero options that do not require electricity from the grid.

“We are excited to welcome Affinity into the Vantem family. It is a wonderful company with a great team making top-quality, beautiful housing,” said Chris Anderson, CEO of Vantem. “We look forward to building on the Affinity team’s success, integrating Vantem’s technology for higher energy efficiency and climate resiliency at competitive costs. We are especially looking forward to adding Net-Zero home options to the Affinity portfolio.”

Affinity’s CEO, Tony Watson, is retiring and Wayne Morrison, CFO of Vantem, will take his place as CEO. All other Affinity team members will remain and participate in the company’s growth.

“Affinity prides itself on its attractive home designs, craftsmanship and flexibility to meet the needs of our builder customers,” said Morrison. “By bringing Vantem technology into the portfolio, we will be able to maintain our high level of service while providing even more options for modular homes.”

“This acquisition provides us with an exciting opportunity to bring new construction technology to our market,” said Charles Crews, COO of Affinity. “Together with Vantem, we are leading the next wave of modular innovation in the Southeast and beyond.”

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Originally published on May 2, 2023

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