Vantem Plans U.S. Factory Expansion with Funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Maker of energy-efficient and affordable modular units has successfully built over three million square feet of living space across six countries.

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Greensboro, NC – June 28, 2022

Vantem, a manufacturer of modular units for building high-quality, affordable and energy-efficient homes, plans to expand its operations in the U.S. market, fueled by a Series-A investment co-led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Quadrant Management and TEM Capital. The company plans to build 15 factories in the U.S. over the next seven years, each capable of producing a million square feet of homes each year.

Vantem manufactures factory-built, finished, modular units using proprietary panels that are used to simplify the construction of high-quality, affordable and energy-efficient apartment buildings and single- family homes. Vantem’s system has been deployed in over three million square feet of living space internationally, including Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

“We are excited to have the support of investors who share in our goal of meeting affordable housing needs while reducing energy and carbon emissions impacts,” said Vantem CEO Chris Anderson. “Construction in this sector has seen the least amount of innovation and productivity gains and is one of the greatest direct and indirect sources of carbon emissions. At the same time, affordable housing is a global need that must be addressed, but if we build with traditional methods, we will solve one problem only to worsen another. At Vantem, we are committed to addressing both challenges on a global scale.”

Vantem establishes its factories as joint ventures with developers that seek to reduce costs, construction time, and the carbon footprint of their developments, including building affordable Net- Zero energy structures. The company seeks to install factories across the United States. The strength and resiliency of Vantem’s system is well-suited for a wide range of regions and climates, including extreme hot and cold, wet tropical, dry desert, high hurricane and seismic zones. Made from refractory materials, the system is also fire resistant.

“Vantem’s approach allows the production of high-efficiency and net-zero homes at extremely competitive costs and low embodied carbon,” said Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures. “With their proven track record in South America and the Caribbean, we’re confident that the Vantem team can scale their modular approach to ensure homes everywhere can be energy efficient.”

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About Vantem

Vantem deploys a unique proprietary technology that lowers costs and construction time, while increasing thermal efficiency, enabling large-scale construction of affordable homes. Vantem manufactures factory-built, finished, modular units that have been used to add more than three million square feet of living space in six countries. To learn more, visit:

Originaly published on July 07, 2022

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