Solving developer costs & financing

by leveraging proprietary modular technology

Breakthrough Energy

“Vantem’s approach allows the production of high-efficiency and net-zero homes at extremely competitive costs and low embodied carbon.”

— Carmichael Roberts, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

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Cost Effective Build


Profitable Developer Projects

Vantem is a Trusted partner helping developers to increase profitability by reducing project and financing costs with energy-efficient factory-built structures.

Vantem reduces project costs by leveraging its factory-built technology. Up to 80% of the project is delivered factory-complete.

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Vantem reduces complexity and increases energy efficiency by applying its proprietary panel technology. 

Traditional Construction


Vantem System

Our panels have high insulation built in

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Vantem technology provides a strong, thermally efficient building envelope.



Providing a tight and efficient thermal envelope.

Energy efficiency, including Net Zero, without a cost premium.

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Tested & Proven


Over 3,000,000 Square Feet Installed Globally

Over the last 15 years, Vantem has been used to successfully build millions of square feet. From high-end homes, to schools, 5-star hotels and other buildings.

Highly Resilient


Vantem Panels are Fire Resistant

Our proprietary board is made from refractory materials that resist high temperatures and protect our structures from fires.

Hurricane Resistant

Before Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian

After Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian

Freeport Bahamas

Vantem’s panels are very strong, dissipating wind-loads effectively throughout the structure, making them ideal for high wind areas.

Earthquake Resistant

Arica, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Vantem homes that have withstood up to 8.2 magnitude earthquakes.

High Quality

Local Jobs


Vantem installs local factories, providing high-quality jobs in a leading-edge technology.

We train great people for important new skills and trades.

Vantem Lead Investors

Breakthrought Energy

Vantem is backed by the world’s leading investors in innovative technologies addressing energy-efficiency, carbon reduction, and climate change.

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